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GPS&D Merchandise

From our basic logo tee to the slightly creepy Grim Reaper delivery tee, we have a variety of t-shirt designs touting the best-ness that is The Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company. Colors vary, depending on what new ones get sprung on us by our t-shirt printers, but we try to have a selection of different shades. Available sizes are M to XXL, although some sizes sell out quickly whenever we get a new shipment of tees.

We also have some useful items emblazoned with our GPS&D logo, including a big-wheel pizza cutter and a handy oven mitt.

And, so you can proclaim your affinity to the Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company to the world, we have a removable (although why would you ever want to) GPS&D vinyl oval sticker for your vehicle's bumper or rear window.

Our branded merchandise is only available by stopping in or phoning in an order. Thanks!

Our Commercials-

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