Serving the Best since 1979

For more than three decades, The Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company has been producing and serving a pizza product that is unmatched in central Iowa, and from what many of our long-time customers tell us, unmatched anywhere. In a world where most restaurants fail within their first few years, we're proud of our longevity, and if you haven't already treated yourself to a Great Plains pizza, we hope you'll give us a try soon and find out why we're among the seasoned seniors of the restaurant business.

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From a thick hearty whole wheat crusted pizza oozing with delicious real cheese to a traditional thin white crusted pizza with a lighter balance of cheese, toppings, and crust, the Great Plains Sauce & Dough Company offers several options for how you want your pizza. We have a selection of six different crust styles, three thick and three thin, with sixteen different toppings to choose from. And a variety of other items to round things out.

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